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Dec 18, 2012 5:30am EST
hands.immediately... the schooo went into lockdown. as &weee ffantic.with this on op connecticut... some parrnts saa thee're worried about their chhlddee's safety. 3 (carmen lynch-parrnt)"the kids 3 looked doors... more security and itsscrazy kids need security in thhir sshools" schools"no studeets ere hurt &pduring the incident.the chool administrator was sent tt the hospital. 3 this orning... the suspecc is waking up at city llck up facing a long list oo ccarggs. live i east baltimore, megaa &pgilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a two-aaarm fire breaks out at a homeein dundalk. happened around 5-45 last night alongg sswood -3 road... near stricker mmddle school schooofiiefighters ay wo chillren who were home attthe -3 time called onn was hurt.there's nooword on aa - cause. 3 expecc more travel disruptions airport tooay due to fog. according to their webbitt... most of he departures oo the schedull for this mooning have -&pbeen canceled.there are.. however.. still several flights thattare still morning... and departing on time this aaternoon.this has been going on siice
Dec 31, 2012 5:30am EST
have any informatton call 3 more than 2 weeks after the newtown, connecticut shooting ii claimed for burial.s body burial.according to thh tate medical examiner... the person who claimed hii body... wishes to remain anonymous.also &premaining a secret... is whee &planza will be buried.earlier ttis monnh... lanzaashoo and killed 26 peoppe... including 20 children... at sandy hook taking his own life.police &hav foo the shootiigs. the state of connecticuttcould soon be ssappedd itt aa 100-million-dollar llwsuit.... setting for students.a lawyer is seeking damages on behall of a 66year-olddgirl who survivvd the massaareehe says the girl heard gunfire, screaming and conversations left ee wwth emotional scars. geeoge h-w bush is r president over the weekend... thh 88- year-old was moved from the intensive care unit to a reguuar patient room at a texxs hospital... where he's beee treated for more than a month.the former presideet was turned into an infectionnand an ggressive fever. there's no word on whee or if today's the last daa to put your name on theemap.. oday is the deadline to subm
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am EST
all guns fromm its store nearest to newtown, connecticut. the retailer says the hange comes out of ressect for the victims andd families of last week's massscre at sandy ook eeementary. it's uncleaa how long the sttre will keep the sussension in place. -3 3 aaman is ccaaged in the double shooting ... that left one man dead and another fighting for - his life in west baattiore. tion bolden is ccaaged witt 1-st and 2-nd degree murder after police ssy he shot avon ball and another man early saturday morring on presson stteet.... after an argument at a club. 3&pcritical condition , this morning. ball as murder trial of his foster prother thatt as sst for february. an investigation into why a -& an diiedin police custody... is prompting protests.that's because some say... ttere's been a lack of progress. -3 progress..rotest nat -3 nat 3 family and frienns oo anthonn anderson called for action deputy sheriff's looked oo. &panderson's death was uued a homicide... but city state's attorney gregggbeenstein has yet to make a determination if the officers iivolvee broke the lawwandeeson's mot
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3